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Music is the backbone of your party. Long after the party has ended, people will remember if they danced and if they had a good time. At Seth Kramer Productions, we offer a wide range of music to satisfy all musical tastes. From a solo pianist or unique music ensemble for your cocktail hour to a 15 piece dance band, Seth Kramer Productions hits the right note every time.

Our DJ’s are unmatched in the industry for providing a music mix that is as unique as your party. Most are house DJ’s for some of the hottest dance clubs in New York City.

Charismatic, engaging MC’s are there to ensure a fun, high energy, smooth running party, but don’t abuse their time on the microphone with screaming or idle chatter.

Party motivators/dancers really pump up the energy on the dance floor. They make it easy for your guests to follow along with the latest dance steps.

Add a live percussionist and sax player to the mix to add a whole new musical dimension. State-of-the-art lighting and plasma screens can create a real dance club feel. We also offer an interactive kinetic dance floor that changes color to the beat of the music.

We never let a party run itself. A professional party coordinator is on site at every party so you don’t have to worry about anything except having a great time.

Live Music and Specialty Bands

                                                                                      SEE VIDEO

Featuring Soul Serenade

We work with the top recording and performing musicians and singers in New York City- As a result of our many years in the business, we can provide an elite musical presentation at any level and in any genre. We have relationships with the best in country, Latin, reggae, calypso, rock, soul, gospel, jazz, big band, middle eastern, Brazilian, Dominican, African, Tango, klezmer, bluegrass, folk, traditional Irish and Celtic musics, and more.

High Energy DJs and Dancers
To get your crowd energized!                                            SEE VIDEO

Laser and Lighting Package
State of the art dance floor lighting designs featuring Color Spot, Studio Color and high end Martin lighting fixtures. Give your party a real dance club feel with 10 foot giant projection screens, 52" plasma video screens or a dance floor and walls that change color to the beat of the music with our Kinetic Lighting packages.

Klezmer Rock
Klezmer music, garage-rock attitude. A new spin on the traditional Klezmer band, combining a respect for tradition with a proclivity toward the sensual and melodramatic. Not your grandma's Klezmer music.
  < listen to music clip


Afro-Cuban Duet                

With hints of Django Reinhardt, Paco de Lucia and combinations of Spanish Classical Jazz, Broadbelt has created its own unique style and sound - Latin Classical Acoustic Guitar with a twist of Latin Jazz, Blues and Spanish Jazz.

  <listen to music clip

  <listen to music clip>


Sinatra Singer
Just close your eyes and you’ll swear that “Ol’ Blue Eyes” is right in the room.

  < listen to music clip>


Latin Lounge

  <listen to music clip>

  <listen to music clip >

HSQ is comprised of 4 classically trained musicians who play classically influenced arrangements of classic rock songs. Led Zeppelin, The Who, Hendrix and more. Click on the link to hear a sample of Black Dog.
  < listen to music clip

Coffee House Guitar Trio or Duo

An acoustic trio (or duo) that's more than a three chord folk act. While this talented group of musicians perform much of the standard acoustic repertoire (James Taylor, Simon and Garfunkel, etc.), they're also able to attack full band rockers few others would dare to attempt. So sit back, relax and enjoy the coffee.

 <Listen to music clip>

Street Beats                                                             SEE VIDEO

The Street Beats are a New York City-based dance and percussion troupe that delivers the excitement and energy of Off-Broadway hits like Bring In Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk, Stomp, Blast, and Blue Man Group.

The Black Violin

<listen to music clip>

Japanese Musicians and Taiko Band
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Blues/R&B Band               
  < listen to music clip

Steel Drum/Reggae Band
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