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Games & Activities
Digital Photography


Games & Activities



Etch a Sketch Artist  (New)                   

As seen on Television, Newspapers and special events around the world; The renowned lightening-fast Etch A Sketch® Artist creates astounding Etch A Sketch® portraits of your guests in just 5 minutes. Guests take home a mini Etch A Sketch® toy with thier portrait preserved using a special process.  Click button to see sample.

DVD Video Studio
This is the latest in make-your-own videos and DVD’s. Star in your own MTV style music video with state of the art graphics using Chroma-Key technology.

Dancing Heads and Super Heads                              

DANCE HEADS™ superimposes participants' heads on professional dancers' bodies while they sing along to some of the greatest pop hits of all time. The effect is outrageous and is completed with fully animated backgrounds. SUPER HEADS allows your guests to star in their very own super hero episode saving the world from the forces of evil!

DANCE HEADS™ and SUPER HEADS keeps guests of all ages entertained and coming back for more! It is not just lip-synching, or just karaoke, but rather professionally produced music videos (DANCE HEADS™) and comic book style animation (SUPER HEADS) with your guests as the stars and heroes! DANCE HEADS™ is the original and only properly licensed product of its kind.


Jewelry Engraving                                                     

Your guests will choose from over 50 different high quality jewelry and accessory items.  Our master engravers will hand-inscribe each piece on the spot and deliver the item to your guest in a velvet drawstring pouch with a custom hang tag.

Item choices include bracelets, necklaces, money clips, flashlights, dog tags, guitar picks, key rings, and much more.  We can even theme some of the choices to reflect the theme of your party!

Wire Names                                                                

beautiful wire names created at your event.

•Great for all ages

•Names are created from beautiful 14 gauge aluminum wire.

•Each name stands up on its own, creating a 3D script name that appeals to everyone.

•Guests hold onto their wire names forever!

•40 to 50 names are created per hour.

Deluxe Quiz Show
We bring the game show to you. Up to eight contestants compete for prizes in this realistic game show set up complete with electronic scoring, lockout buzzers and video challenge questions.

Luscious Lava Lips
Lip-gloss specially formulated on site for your guests. Choice of 15 flavors and colors delivered in beautiful drawstring bags with custom hang tag.

Casino Tables
Bring all the action of Las Vegas to you party. Professional quality casino tables with expert staff. Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Wheel of Fortune, Slot Machines, Texas Hold ‘em tables.

Virtual Reality
Have a taste of 3-D and experience virtual reality. Using virtual reality headsets, your guests will enter a 3-D virtual world to experience a roller coaster, flight simulator, hanglider, military air combat, or a futuristic world.

Similar to the game Operation by Milton Bradley® . Players compete for prizes by removing various pieces from the oversized (8 foot long) patient without getting buzzed.

Guitar Freaks/Guitar Hero/Rock Band
Two players play prop guitars and match grooves against each other and the computerized guitar wiz. Many Styles of Music to choose from.

CD Recording Studio
Guests go home with their own recording of a song on CD. Jewel case provided with custom artwork to match any theme. Polaroid photo option available.

Slot-less Car Racing
Race up to 5 giant slotless Winston -Cup replicas around our huge 28 foot speedway. Spectacular crashes! High Speed Spinouts! Rugged crash-proof cars even have reverse in case you hit the wall. Three track configurations are available.

Candle Art
Create your own colorful real wax candle. Also gel candles with many themes to choose from!

Bear Mitzvah Factory
Use our interactive machine to create your own Teddy Bear and dress it in an outfit that fits your personality and style. Custom silk-screened tee shirts are also available.

Temporary Tattoos and Crystal Body Art
Choose from dozens of authentic tattoo designs and crystal body art as seen in Seventeen Magazine. Tribal, Asian, Mendhi (henna designs) and much more.

Bling Bling Shop
The latest fashion accessories from "The Hood"



Pushcarts available for the following items:
Hot Dogs, Pretzels, popcorn, cotton candy, peanuts, Hot Chestnuts, Coffee and Tea, N.Y. Egg Cream, Italian Ices, Ice Cream.

The Candy Shoppe
Just like at the movies. We supply the candy in our candy tube display rack. 10 bins of the candy of your choice (Kosher candy available). Includes attendant.

Carnival food Stations (in carnival style tents)
Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Sno Cones, Dippin’ Dots, Sandy Candy

The Silver Truck                                                         
A real gleaming silver canteen truck greets your guests as they leave your party. Choose from a variety of coffee, juices, pastries and more.

Chocolate Fountain
Flowing rivers of Belgian chocolate. Do-it-yourself chocolate covered fruit, cake, marshmallows and more.

Arcade Games and Simulators

Star Trek Voyager
Putting Challenge
Virtual Soccer
Virtual Reality 2000 pods or
   Hang Glider VR
Double Whac a Mole
Crusin' World USA
Dual Harley Davidson
Dual Off Road challenge
Crazy Taxi
Wave Runner
Alpine RacerDeluxe and
   Dual Alpine Racer Jr.
Police 911
Prop Cycle
Full Court Frenzy
Skill Crane
Double Pop- a -Shot
   Basketball toss
Air Hockey
Arctic Thunder and Quad Arctic
   Thunder (4 player)
NFL Blitz
Hang on
NBA Hangtime
SuperShot Basketball
Operation Wolf
Pole Position
Super off Road

x Men
Rodeo Roper
Wacky Gator (kids)
Slide It (Bowling)
Dance Revolution
Drumscape Deluxe
Top Skater
Star Trek Voyager
Super Inflatable Sports Games (football, Soccer, Speed Pitch, Basketball)
Jambo Safari
Super Chexx hockey
Coaster Express (Simulator)
Mortal Combat
NBA Showtime Basketball/Football
NFL Blitz (2 Player)
Neo Geo (multi Game Units)
Out Run
Street fighter II
Super Sprint
Mega touch (Multi Game)
Skeeball 10 foot bonus
Virtual Tennis Deluxe
Tekken 2-4
Dance Freaks
Guitar Freaks

Madden 2007

Pinball Machines  
The Simpsons
Austin Powers
Harley Davidson Deluxe
Revenge from Mars
South Park
Star Wars
Many others

If your favorite arcade game or video classic game is not listed here just ask…We probably have it!

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